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Best place to buy Kamagra tablets

I like this pharmacy and have used their online app multiple times for a couple of medications ordered separately. Kamagra meets the cost threshold for free shipping (free shipping on orders over $49), and the other drug – not. So, for my latest order, I decided to buy both at the same time, but the website doesn’t allow you to add a second product to the cart. EACH product is an „order“ that takes you through the complete payment and shipping procedure. Therefore, I got charged for shipping one medication and not the other. I checked with customer service, and they said there is no workaround. I guess it all comes down to semantics, how you define „order.“ It’s not a huge deal, but I think it’s something that should be made clear.

Fischerinsel Apotheke
Address: Gertraudenstraße 18, 10178 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 30 76771844
Website: https://www.fischerinsel-apotheke.de/

Probably one of the calmest pharmacies I have ever been in. It’s a completely different experience than the one at the top of Colerain. Nobody followed me around the store. Everyone had on masks. It was great.

After a year+ using Fischerinsel Apotheke, I’M SO DONE with these guys!!!! You pay more, and the service is terrible. My husband got out of a procedure late and only had 40 mins to get all the supplies he needed. They didn’t have them all, so I called when I went to CVS while Taylors were filling the prescriptions. I called and asked if they could stay open a few minutes until I drove there for Kamagra, and they said yes. I arrived at 9:07 pm, and they had my prescriptions and were closed. Why didn’t they say they would when I called 10 mins before? CVS and Walgreens have extended hours, and professionals can answer your questions! I’ve had to suggest they wear their masks properly too!! Good grief! Aren’t they supposed to be medical professionals?

MediosApotheke an der Charité
Address: Anike Oleski e.Kfr, Luisenstraße 54/55, 10117 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 30 28390048
Website: https://www.mediosapotheke.de/

I have horror stories from other pharmacies I’ve used, but MediosApotheke an der Charité is the best pharmacy I’ve ever used. Nick V, one of the pharmacists, literally remembers my name and my family members without me having to say it. Their customer service and rapport are top-notch. When I am told my medicine is ready, it is, unlike other pharmacies that notify you that your meds are ready for pickup, only to find out you are still waiting. Excellent pharmacy and staff, I highly recommend to anyone needing prescriptions filled.

The employees at this MediosApotheke an der Charité are extremely rude and judgemental. I went to fill a prescription on August 19th. It took them an hour and a half to fill it. Then when I received my prescriptions, one of them was for only a 15 day supply. I am supposed to take one 100 mg Kamagra every day. So I asked the pharmacist to check if it was their mistake or my doctor’s mistake, and she very rudely said this medicine is only for as needed. Not a pill every day. I looked at what the doctor sent over myself, and it said AS NEEDED!. Like she was implying that I was trying to scam extra pills out of her! Well, I called my doctor, and they did send it over for the incorrect amount of drugs but told me it did not say anywhere on it AS NEEDED. It clearly stated half a pill twice daily. So my doctor sent over the corrected prescription, and I called MediosApotheke an der Charité to verify they received it, and AGAIN I received a rude judgemental response of yes we got it. Still, we can’t fill it until the 15 we already gave you are gone. I already knew that, but again they treated me as if I was trying to get extra pills or something. I have never felt more disrespected and judged in my life! Fill your prescriptions elsewhere!

Prager Apotheke
Address: Prager Pl. 1-3, 10779 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 30 2112337
Website: https://www.prager-apotheke-berlin.de/

We stopped by this Prager Apotheke on our way back home, and there was no one else around, which is my favorite. The budtender was very knowledgeable and friendly. Super chill. We talked about flowers and glassware for a bit. It’s a small pharmacy in a small town, so it didn’t have a very large selection, but I saw good quality.

The cashier stepped away from the counter and yelled back at me, „Have you ever taken… Kamagra… so that everyone in line could hear what medication I was taking, I said to her that by yelling the name of my prescription out, she violated my HIPAA rights, she simply shrugged her shoulders as if not to care. I then told her it was illegal to do that. She just walked away. I tried to contact the manager to let him know what she is doing but couldn’t get in touch with the manager, and when I call the phone call went on constant rotation back to the beginning, and no one answered. She could have asked me if I had taken the „medication“ before without calling out the name of the drug. Very unprofessional.

Address: Innsbrucker Str. 25, 10825 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 30 85729720
Website: https://www.ahorn-apotheke-berlin-schoeneberg.de/

They take pride in their service to everyone!! The staff is great people, very kind, helpful & knowledgeable, answering all questions I’ve had. They go above & beyond, making sure you understand everything about all prescriptions & medications before you leave & asking if there is anything else you need help with. I realize this is their job, but they are so great at it. They also made sure I received the greatest discount available for Kamagra to me when I had no insurance coverage – way to go. You are # 1 in Riverton.

HUGE pharmacy lines…I was hesitant about using this Ahorn-Apotheke because I don’t like the parking lot and shopping plaza it sits in. The drive-thru is also poorly placed and an accident waiting to happen. The problems here really started when the second nearest pharmacy closed. Obviously, people had to move their scripts somewhere else. It looks like they all chose this Ahorn-Apotheke. The last two times I went in there, they had 10+ person pharmacy lines inside with one person working a register, multiple drive-thru vehicles wrapped around the building. I think it’s the clientele that really ruins this pharmacy for me. They are super entitled and do not seem to understand how insurance works – always complaining and taking FOREVER at the register. They have no regard for their fellow man as they just rant and rave while a huge line forms behind them. I moved my scrips to Walgreens. No lines, a good parking lot, clientele seems way nicer. I hate Summerlin.

Best place to buy Kamagra tablets
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